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1. Send Secure Email with InstantCrypt

InstantCrypt is an encryption program using the Open PGP standard to send and receive secure email (end-to-end encryption).
InstantCrypt connects easily to your previously installed email or Web mail.

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For those who...

No need to change or fiddle with your previously installed email. Works with:

Runs on:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Windows 8: not tried. I am confident it works, as Microsoft made Windows 8 compatible to Windows 7. Whoever tries it first: send me an e-mail!
(Apple and Linux, please check here for a compatible program.)

Already persuaded? Download Now!

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2. How it works

Every time you want to send encrypted mail:

1) You write your e-mail (text and attachments) in InstantCrypt instead of your e-mail program.
2) You click "Encrypt" and see the encrypted message in InstantCrypt.
3) You click "Mail" and import the message into you default e-mail program or open your web mail.
4) You send how you would always send your mail.

Every time you receive encrypted mail:

1) You receive encrypted mail in your regular email.
2) Your transfer the message (text and attachments) into InstantCrypt by copy/paste or drag-drop.
3) You click "Decrypt" and read the message in InstantCrypt.

For this to work you must have created your own encryption key - InstantCrypt does that for you - and completed the key exchange. The person with whom you exchange secure e-mail also needs one of the many OpenPGP programs. (Point them to InstantCrypt!)

Compare this to a fully integrated encryption environment:

1) Much less installation effort than building a fully integrated encryption environment.
2) Good learning environment, because you see what you do.
3) Easy to uninstall if you do not like it.
4) A little more effort every time you enrypt/decrypt.

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InstantCrypt: Secure email with OpenPGP encryption