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Download InstantCrypt

Current Version: 2.3.1

Read End User License Agreement here
I have read and do accept the End User License Agreement.
~6.9 MB dwnld size
 *)  **)
~2.7 MB dwnld size
~1.5 MB dwnld size

*) The portable version contains everything in the installer version except the demo videos (but you can easily watch them from the web) plus the files autorun.inf and Run_InstantCrypt.exe, which are useful for running InstantCrypt from a USB stick.
**) Do not use this portable version to update a previous version as you could easily overwrite old user files - and you'll lose valuable information! Use Portable Update Only instead.

Size on disk: The installer version uses about 30 MB, the portable version 5 MB on disk (the difference is due to the demo files); the size grows over time when more and more encrypted and decrypted messages and files are stored in the InstantCrypt directory.

I: How To Download

  1. Click on button. 
  2. When you get a window, asking you if you want to open the file or to save it, click on save. (You may actually not be able to open the file before having saved it.) 
  3. Your browser will ask you where you want to save it, unless you have a folder preassigned.

II: How To Install


  1. Doubleclick on the downloaded file. 
  2. Follow the instructions. It is not different from any other software installations you may have done; you will be guided throught the process.
  3. Start by using the shotcuts created by the Installer. If you did not create any: Open the newly created folder (doubleclick on it). Start InstantCrypt by doubleclicking on Start_InstantCrypt.exe. If you see a warning; click on "run" (possibly twice).

For a video demo on installation and first steps (version 2.3), see here at Softoxi.


  1. Install on a USB stick:
    Unpack ("extract") the downloaded file directly into the root directory (main directory) of your USB stick. Start: oubleclicking on Run_InstantCrypt.exe
  2. Install not on a USB stick:
    1. Unpack: You only need the folder "InstantCrypt" that is contained in the downloaded file Portable_Intantcrypt. Open the downloaded zip file (doubleclick) and copy-paste the folder InstantCrypt into a directory of your choice.
    2. Start: Open the newly created folder (doubleclick on it). Start InstantCrypt by doubleclicking on Start_InstantCrypt.exe. You may see a warning (possibly twice); click on "run".
  3. How to unpack ("extract"):
    • RightClick on the file, chose "Extract All", and follow instructions. 
    • Should there be any problems, you can get an unzipper here:

III. How To Update From Version 2.x, 3.x:

Installer: Download installer. Install again into same directory as previous version.

Portable (also previous *.zip and USB versions): Download Portable Update. Unpack into a different folder than existing program. Replace the file "InstantCrypt.exe" of your previous installation (in folder WinUIWS) with the new "InstantCrypt.exe" and the old gpg.exe (in folder GPG) with the new GPG. (You may want to rename the old versions before replacing it, just in case!)

(You cannot update from the versions 0.9.x. Keep it and use the new version from now on.)

InstantCrypt: Secure e-mail with OpenPGP encryption