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InstantCrypt Version History

InstantCrypt 2.3.1 Aug 2, 2013

Bug fix (major): Fixed the problem that InstantCrypt sometimes froze during certain key operations; during this operation
revised all internal dialogs with GPG.exe.

Bug fixes (minor): Minor bug fixes on User Interface.

Major Update: Updated GPG.exe to version 1.4.14.

Improvements: Minor improvements on user interface.

InstantCrypt Nov 29, 2010

Bug fix (major): Files of a certain size could previously not be decrypted.

Bug fix: "Landing pad" on main form now allows paste.

Bug fix: Files dropped/copied into lower attachment window are saved to the correct user directory.

Feature twist: Add buttons now copy files into user directories instead of creating links: increases user interface consistency.

InstantCrypt 2.3 Nov 12, 2010

Enable: Always also encrypt to signing key ("Encrypt to Self"). Made this the default option.

Minor bug fixes.

InstantCrypt 2.2.1 Oct 30, 2010

Introduced: Portable_InstantCrypt by merging the two zip versions (zip and USB). Reduced the download size of this version to ~3.1 MB (Footprint on disk now ~5.5 MB).

Can decode TNEF files ("Winmail.dat", "Att00...dat") sometimes sent by Microsoft products (e.g., Outlook).

User Interface: clearer handling of file imports (drag/drop and copy).

Improvements "under the hood".

InstantCrypt 2.2 July 10, 2010

Switched from encryption engine GPG v. 1.4.2 to latest version 1.4.10.

"Key Creates" now makes a RSA/RSA 2048/2048 user key (before: DSA/ELGamal).

Improved key creation user interface.

Drag-Drop support for plain and encrypted text windows in main form.

Enable possibility to export encrypted text in main form as text and as file with either copy-paste or drag-drop..

Mail Module: user can decide if s/he wants to send encrypted text in file or body of e-mail (with HTML warning).

Started an Internet discussion forum; now a link is in the program.

User messages improved.

Mail module: serious bug removed.

Provided instructions for a compatible Apple/Linux program (PortablePGP) Started Discussion Forum for InstantCrypt, link available in InstantCrypt Help.

Several minor changes

InstantCrypt 2.1 Nov. 16, 2009

A Welcome Page guides user to early steps.

Improved, and more video demos.

First page gives user access to all keys.

Mail Module improved: better connection to mail programs, easier configuration by user.

Key Management functions give access to keys on all pages.

Added "Initiate Encrypted Communication" menu item.

Key import function improved.

Writing text box now has Save, Edit, and Undo option.

Program saves to disk much more frequently to prevent data loss.

Introduced a USB stick version.Minor changes and bug fixes.

InstantCrypt July 12, 2009

File types *.gpg and *.asc can be registered as InstantCrypt file extensions by Installer.

Instantcrypt able to import two or more associated files at a time when they are opened in Windows.

Bug fix: Ascii 128+ characters rendered correctly when a file is rendered in the text section.

Filenames that have a date already will not get another date added when imported into user directory-

InstantCrypt July 6, 2009

Installer: Warning about not to overinstall over version 0.9x only given when necessary.

Default for keyfile names: now without "@".

Bugfix: Fixed logon failure for certain e-mail clients for MAPI.

InstantCrypt May 10, 2009

Changes between version and

Rearranging taskbar buttons.

Bugfix: Make sure there is a "> " in front of every line after "Reply"

Bugfix: Preserve unencrypted text during decryption

Improve user notification after user created own key

Bugfix: Helpfile did not work in when downloaded with zip-file: fixed

Bugfix: Helpfile not readable in Windows Vista when italic font was used: fixed

Bug: Menu item "More With Other Key" wrongly disabled if there is not other key visible: fixed.

Bug: MAPI does not preface recipient 'SMTP:' when calling MS Outlook: fixed

InstantCrypt Jan. 2009

Changes between version 0.9x and

Complete revamp of user interface with the goal of simplification and clarity.

Revamp of export of encrypted text and files into e-mail.

Improved drag-drop capabilities for files.

Enabled that several objects can be encrypted/decrypted at the same time.

Improvements "under the hood".

Publication as installer and zip-file

InstantCrypt 1.0 Was never released, version jumped from 0.9 to 2.0

InstantCrypt 0.9x Winter 2007

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