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1. Basic Purpose: Send Secure Email with InstantCrypt


...secures your email with end-to-end encryption, using the Open PGP encryption standard. able to (or at least should be able to) exchange email messages with other programs that use the Open PGP standard.
...encrypts on your computer, so that your mail cannot be intercepted on its way to or from your email server or email provider.
...generates and stores your private key on your own computer, not on someone's server.

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2. Feature List

Enryption Key Managment
  • Enrypt/decrypt text.
  • Enrypt/decrypt files.
  • Send/receive encrypted mail and individually encrypted files to/from any other OpenPGP program, not just InstantCrypt.
  • Encrypt files on your own computer.
  • Decrypt PGP/mime files.
  • Automatically sign all encryptions with your private key.
  • Default: all encryptions are also encrypt-to-self.
  • Encryption engine: gpg.exe v. 1.4.14
  • Create your own encryption key.
  • Create/change the protecting passphrase.
  • Make a revocation certificate.
  • Add, change, delete user IDs of your own key.
  • Export your (public) encryption key.
  • Send your key by email.
  • Import other people's keys.
  • Sign other people's keys.
  • Shows revelant properties of all private and public keys.
  • Automatic backups of your keyring.
  • Key management engine: gpg.exe v.1.4.14
Record Keeping E-Mail Connection
  • Keeps records of all encryptions and decryptions with text and files.
  • Automatic backups of your messages.
  • Prints your unencrypted sent or received texts .
  • One-click export of encrypted messages into your email.
  • One-click opening of your web mail for sending.
  • Drag-and-drop import/export from/to email/webmall.
  • Single drop area for all message and key files.

3. What this Program Does Not Do

This Program does not secure your own computer:

The purpose of this program is to make your outside communication secure. This program does not:

  1. Encrypt your computer hard disk.
  2. Destroy the unencrypted versions of the texts or files that you just encrypted.

Remember that whoever is especially interested in you will have your computer as his first and primary target.
Get a specialist if you need an all-encompassing solution.

InstantCrypt: Secure email with OpenPGP encryption