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Third-Party Programs, Licenses, and Code:

Disclaimer: These programs are put here for legal reasons: The licenses of open-source software frequently (and very reasonably) require any developer to make the source code of these programs publicly available. I am very happy to oblige. (gnupg-1.4.2.tar.gz and gnupg-1.4.10.tar.gz are the compressed source files of GnuPG v. 1.4.2 and 1.4.10 respectively.)

But I cannnot in any way be responsible for these programs, nor should you turn to me to discuss any problems or give any suggestions regarding these programs, unless these are directly related to InstantCrypt. In the section Legal/Used Public Licenses of Third Party Software I give links to the responsible people/organizations to the extent that I have them. There you may also find newer versions of these programs.


To download, select the file you want in the text box. Then click on button Download Now. When you get a window asking you if you want to open the program or save it, click on save. You may actually not be able to open the program before having saved it. Your browser will ask you where you want to save it, unless you have a folder preassigned.